The Best 5 Unicorn Onesie Pajamas for Adults and Kids

by ChenLin on September 11, 2020

Unicorns hold such an important place in both adults and children dreams. Kids simply love its color and fun while adults love this character to show their childishness. It even has National Unicorn day for offering a great way to celebrate it. National Unicorn Day is on the 9th of April and it has the same date every year. People express their favor to those one-horned creatures by reading unicorn books, watching unicorn movies, listening to stories about unicorn. They also like to wear unicorn onesie pajamas in their daily life or at the Halloween cosplay party.

Sleeping can be far more fun when you wear a wonderful and funny pajamas. This does not only apply to adults, but to kids as well. Therefore, if you love unicorns, it will be a perfect idea to get an unicorn one piece sleepwear. Especially, a thick fleece unicorn nightclothes not only can make you cheerful, but also keep you warm in the cold days during winter and fall. For kids who will go outside for treat or trick on the eve of Halloween, wearing a Halloween Unicorn cosplay costume will be the best Halloween dressing up idea which can make sure them happy and cozy.

We simply rounded up some super cute and soft unicorn onesie pajamas for both kids and adults. Whether you don one for sleepover nighty, Halloween cosplay costume, or simply covet the comfort for lounging at home, these fleecy pajamas are guaranteed to give you a giggle every time you slip them on.

Best Cozy & Cute Unicorn Onesie Pajamas For Adults and Kids

rainbow unicorn onesie

1) If you love unicorns with colors and magical sparkles, this style will suit you very well. Unicorn lovers are fascinated about the magic horn, eyes, tail and the whole figure is just fantastic. This rainbow unicorn is like spring with all the warmth, light and colorful flowers which silently brings positivity to people.

pink unicorn onesie

2) For those who love simple life style, colorful unicorn onesie might be too noisy. This pink and white unicorn onesie for adults is made out of thick fleece and is perfect for any daydreamer who connects unicorns.

blue unicorn onesie

 3) This cute unicorn onesie pajamas for girls comes in two different color combinations, blue and white. It is made of 100% cotton, which is breathable and soft on the skin. An Unicorn onesie of this color is also perfect for boys wearing.


colorful unicorn onesie

 4) This Halloween costume onesie has pockets on the side and the print on it is showy, and it’s simple, easy, and stylish. “Fun” is definitely the keyword with this polychrome unicorn one piece as well. This pajama has cute eyes and ears, and a horn and tail.

unicorn one piece


5) If your kids prefer a more high-key approach to unicorns, this irised unicorn baggy is intense in terms of its color combinations, since the major colors are red and blue. As a parent who is searching for the best Christmas gift for kids, this onesie might make a perfect present for a chilly Christmas morning. This unisex onesie also has a signature horn sticking up from the plush head. It is easy to wear for children and zips up in front.

Make you and your kids enjoy a mythical dreams when wearing the Unisex Unicorn Onesie, offering a combination of comfort and fun. With this unicorn onesie suit, there is all kinds of fun to be had at parties and more. You also can create a brilliant unicorn family by getting matching unicorn onesie pajamas.