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  • SKU: BP012

Decorative DIY Wall Clock



    High quality: It is made of eco-friendly acrylic material, safe and odorless, laser-engraved three-dimensional figures, metal paint hands, brushed dial, compact structure, easy to install and operate!
    Silent Clockwork: The Modern Living Room Wall Clock with Silent Quartz Clockwork, no annoying ticking, creates a quiet sleep and learning space to achieve a peaceful and comfortable living.
    Practical: Classic design, round dial, suitable for living room, bedroom and office etc. It is very easy to install and use.
    Easy to hang: Easy to install, can be glued repeatedly. Glue the wall clock according to the drawings. It will not damage the wall.


    Item Name: Acrylic creative wall clock

    Color: Black, Silver, Gold

    Features: Fashion Home Decor

    Material: Acrylic

    Needle size: 

    Diameter for large clock steel plate: 3.93 inche

    Diameter  for small acrylic: 3.93 inches

    Clock Size: size for the large clock is  27.6 inches-39.4 inches, size for the small clock is 11.8 inches-19.7 inches ( the recommended installation size is 15.8 inches )